Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

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The first point of contact a customer has in any business is usually this member of staff who creates the first impressions of your company and this may affect any future relationships.

A Sales Manager is only successful if the team achieves their targets. Assisting each sales person to increase sales by only 5% will have a significant impact on the overall sales performance of the team. The skills required to manage sales teams are very different to those of an expert sales person. However, many sales managers are former sales people! If you are responsible for managing your sales team and want to help them improve their efficiency and meet their targets, then this course is designed with you in mind. Our sales training courses are designed to equip sales teams and managers with the skills they need to develop their market.

This Sales & Marketing training course is designed to help those working in sales and marketing to identify, recruit and retain the perfect customer. Whether an old hand at sales & marketing or brand new, this fun and highly practical two day course is designed to stimulate sales & marketing activity by identifying and using best practice.

Duration: 1 Day

Why Our training ?

Prefer Thought Analysis always

Our Subject Matter Experts will provide training on each topic and ensure the development happens further in your organization

Tailored model

We conduct training at customer premises based on the management need.

Course Deliverable

  • We provide one day motivational training at free of cost