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Handwriting refers to a person's writing created with a writing utensil such as a pen or pencil. The term encompasses both printing and cursive styles and is separate from formal calligraphy or typeface. It is, in essence, a visible form of a person's voice, including pitch and tone. Because each person's handwriting is unique, it can be used to verify a document's writer, and the deterioration of a person's handwriting is also a symptom or result of certain diseases.

Each person has his unique style of handwriting, whether it is normal handwriting or signature. Even identical twins who share appearance and genetics don't have the same handwriting. They are like the finger prints (people might be able to copy it, but never write it in the identical way). The place where one grows up and the first language one learns melt together with the different distribution of force and ways of shaping words to create a unique style of handwriting for each person.

Duration: 1 Month

Benefits of Handwriting
Why Our training ?

Prefer Thought Analysis always

We have proven track record and our training methodology will bring the result within one month of course.

Tailored model

We conduct training at customer premises based on the management need. School management benefited by making their students on better Hand Writing

Course Deliverable

  • Each participant will get course completion certificate
  • “Learning skill” training program to teachers at free of cost