School Training

School Training Courses

We have Handwriting and Vedic Maths training programs to school students. We majorly focus on the program called “Intuition” to develop learning skill for students and coaching skill of teachers.

Handwriting Duration: 1 Month


Handwriting refers to a person's writing created with a writing utensil such as a pen or pencil. The term encompasses both printing and cursive styles and is separate from formal calligraphy or typeface. It is, in essence, a visible form of a person's voice, including pitch and tone. Because each person's handwriting is unique, it can be used to verify a document's writer, and the deterioration of a person's handwriting is also a symptom or result of certain diseases.

Duration: 1 Month
Vedic Mathematics Duration: 4 Levels / 6 Months

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krisna Tirthaji (1884-1960). According to his research all of mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras, or word-formulae. In the Vedic system 'difficult' problems or huge sums can often be solved immediately by the Vedic method. These striking and beautiful methods are just a part of a complete system of mathematics which is far more systematic than the modern 'system'.

Duration: 4 Levels / 6 Months
Intuition: Duration: 4 Hours


The VAK learning styles model and related VAK learning styles tests offer a relatively simple methodology. Therefore it is important to remember that these concepts and tools are aids to understanding overall personality, preferences and strengths - which is always a mixture in each individual person. The Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic learning styles model or 'inventory', usually abbreviated to VAK, provides a simple way to explain and understand your own learning style (and learning styles of others).

Duration: 4 Hours